Margaret Gennaro, M.D., Holistic Therapies for Adults and Children

How Your Body Works

I compare your body to a bathtub. The size of the bathtub is your genetics and other hereditary/acquired tendencies called miasms. If your ancestors have had certain health issues or toxic exposures or genetic glitches, your bathtub will be smaller. (There is evidence that genes are affected by the environment in the science known as Epigenetics.)

The 3 faucets coming into the bathtub are:

  1. The foods that you eat

  2. The environment you are exposed to i.e. toxins (chemicals and heavy metals), infectious agents, electromagnetic frequencies, vaccinations (in those susceptible), environmental factors such as pollen, dust, animals, etc)

  3. Emotional traumas, issues and stress, personal and transgenerational

The drain in the bathtub is composed of:

  1. Intestines, liver and kidneys

  2. Immune system, lymph system, sweat glands, menstrual blood, acid-alkaline balance, hormones, vitamin/mineral/amino acid/antioxidant/nutrient balance, proper sleep, structural integrity

  3. Mental, emotional and spiritual healing, a positive attitude and support from loved ones.

If the drain is plugged up and the faucets are going strong (or one gets turned on more than usual), then the “water” in the bathtub will overflow. This causes you to experience symptoms. These symptoms can be anything from a runny nose to cancer.

When the body doesn’t get rid of the toxins through those usual routes or if the toxins are suppressed, the body will need to do one of two things with those toxins:

  1. Store the toxins. Examples of this are tumors (benign and even malignant), cysts, fibroids, enlargement of the organ or gland such as the prostate or thyroid, endometriosis, fat cells, excessive fluid, and “mental” illnesses.

  2. Choose an alternative route out of the body. Examples are skin rashes (eczema, psoriasis, or even excessive sweating), an increase in menstrual flow or frequency, lung problems such as asthma, sinus problems/allergy symptoms, and diarrhea.

Substances that suppress the elimination of toxins (and also create more toxins coming into the bathtub because they need to be detoxified) are steroid drugs, artificial hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control pills, long-term use of bio-identical hormones, illegal/legal drugs and excessive use of antibiotics.

The goal for ultimate health is therefore to decrease the toxins coming into the body and maximize the drain.

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