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Dr. Margaret Gennaro has been an indispensable part of my family's health and wellness care for the last 4 years.

When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a serious genetic condition that included being labeled failure-to-thrive and having issues with digestion, growth, acid reflux, allergies, seizures, and developmental delays, doctors offered us no hope and little medical support save for anti-acid reflux medication. Thankfully, we were introduced to Dr. Gennaro, who treated my daughter as a complete individual, instead of just addressing one or two symptoms. Within a month, my daughter had begun to gain weight, had lost her yellow jaundiced appearance, and began eating, sleeping, and feeling better. Today, my daughter is off all medication, including anti-seizure medication that others with her genetic condition usually require. Although my daughter still has challenges, she is happy, healthy and surpassing all expectations. On the rare occasion that my daughter is sick or in need of medical support, I know I can count on Dr. Gennaro.

Dr. Gennaro has been the most instrumental part of my daughter's - indeed my whole family's - health and wellness program. I highly recommend Dr. Margaret Gennaro for anyone who has been told "you will always be sick" or "there's nothing we can do", or indeed anyone who just wants to feel and be better.
Lisa A. E., Vienna, VA
I had heard about muscle testing from a friend in Europe, who had major success in healing her colitis using this method. While I would consider myself "open" to alternative medicine, I cannot deny that I approach most things in life analytically, relying on hard facts and "proof". However, given my friend's experience, I thought it would be worth a try - and luckily, Dr. Gennaro's education and background in conventional medicine made it easy for me to overcome the initial skepticism to sign up for an appointment. Needless to say that I am a believer ever since. It was truly amazing to see how Dr. Gennaro could detect through muscle testing many conditions and pinpoint medical history that I knew about but had not shared with her - and which had been difficult to detect (if at all) by main stream doctors. Yet, for me, muscle testing is particularly helpful to treat infants and toddlers, who cannot verbalize their aches and pains. We saw major improvements in our daughter's digestive system immediately after our first visit with Dr. Gennaro, which was soothing for baby and mom alike. Besides, our little one adores Dr. Gennaro, and spending time in her office is considered a "treat" - by all involved!
Frauke N., Dunn Loring, VA
Dr. Gennaro is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever met. I have been seeing her for over a year now. I was frustrated with my regular doctors because they were treating each symptom and not my whole body. I had hives for months that could not be explained by my primary care physician, 2 different dermatologists or 2 different allergists. I was seeing a gastroenterologist that was prescribing medications with a list of side effects and continued to have the same symptoms. I had a list of symptoms that were spread out to almost every system of my body and the doctors kept giving me medications that were not helping. I felt terrible. Dr. G worked with my whole body addressing what my body wanted fixed next. I look back and realize that she has helped me feel better physically and in turn I feel better emotionally. Thank you Dr. G. for all that you have done for me!
Alexa, Virginia
It is with great confidence that I recommend Dr Gennaro's services to other individuals who seek a deeper understanding and resolution to their health and wellness needs. My confidence in recommending Dr. Gennaro stems from two perspectives.

First as a practitioner myself - when referring clients, I depend on the holistic spectrum of services, ethics and great compassionate spirit of like-minded professionals to aid in whole body healing of my clients. Hands-down, Dr. Gennaro radiates these qualities. Dr. Gennaro is a dedicated practitioner/ healer who supports a cooperative healing environment for all clients. Her abilities and dedication reach far greater than the majority of practicing healthcare professionals available in today's market. Dr. Gennaro's attention, skill set, and methods are very unique and effective.

Second, I confidently refer Dr. Gennaro from one mother to another. Personally, I seek Dr. Gennaro's advice not only for myself, but for my young, growing family's health and healing needs. My husband and I and our two small children, as well as my extended family, call on Dr. Gennaro's knowledge to aid in our overall expression of health.

Yours In Wellness
Andrea Marconi , DC, CACCP, Reston, VA - Sana Chiropractic
Dr. Gennaro is unlike any doctor or health care provider we have used. Her warm and caring nature combined with her gift of healing is truly extraordinary. She has helped my whole family in many different ways, and for that I am grateful. She is exceptional with my children -- they love visiting Dr. G! She is responsive and understanding too. No question is left unanswered -- either in person, via phone or e-mail. I never hesitate to recommend her to others. You just have to be open to alternative forms of health and wellness. Thank you, Dr. G.!
V. Wright, Aldie, VA
I have too many examples to give to demonstrate Dr. Gennaro's ability to determine the cause and effect of what may be going on with our health. I appreciate her determination to provide my family with a preventative approach to health care as well. We have been choosing to see Dr. Gennaro now for over 12 years. She has proven her excellence time and again. It is also refreshing to have a doctor who never minds a myriad of questions and doesn't take it personally if one chooses a different path. I trust her completely.
Tina M., Warrenton, VA
Dr. Gennaro has greatly helped my son, whose Asperger's Syndrome has been significantly mitigated with her guidance for diet and detox and overall health-supportive supplements. I can't imagine where he would be without her. And with my autoimmune disorder, Dr. Gennaro's care eliminated the debilitating fatigue I was experiencing and put me into remission so that I no longer need medication. She is the go-to source for many health issues!
Judy L., Northern Virginia
Dr. Margaret Gennaro has had a huge impact on my family's life. Dr. Gennaro takes the time to listen to issues and concerns that I have as a parent, appointments do not feel rushed and are usually on time, and she is available via email, normally responding within a day.

At the age of five, my son was diagnosed with ADHD and PDD-NOS (he is what my family calls high functioning autistic). After his regular doctor told us there was not much they could do to help him, I found Dr. Gennaro through a Defeat Autism Now (DAN) website four years ago. The teacher my son had in Kindergarten saw him last year and was amazed at his progress. She told us that she would have never known he was the same child from Kindergarten. Since seeing Dr. Gennaro, my son is able to express his feelings instead of acting out behaviorally, has had a reduction in "ticks", is able to focus through school and do homework without fighting us, and has progressed a years worth of learning for the last 2 years. Dr. Gennaro also helps us with selecting additional healing methods, has recommended other individuals to help our son on a path of healing from the inside out, and works with other doctors and their treatments.

My family was blessed the day Dr. Gennaro entered our lives!
Jennifer A., Chantilly, VA
Meeting Dr. Margaret Gennaro 5 years ago changed my life. Not only is she an outstanding physician with enormous depth of knowledge, skill and dedication to addressing the root cause of symptoms - equally great is her heart which is full of compassion and caring for her patients and the world. There is no one like her... she is truly a gift on the path to wellness.
Molly H., Silver Spring, MD
I am so grateful for Dr. Gennaro's response to all of the health needs of myself and my family that I have brought to her. She always makes me feel like we are the only patients she has to be concerned about. Finding Dr. Gennaro as our physician was "a God thing".
Cheryl A., Simpsonville, SC
I have always felt that Dr. Margaret is an angel sent to help so many people, including my entire family. I know we are happier and healthier because of Dr. Margaret!
Rocio D., Keller, TX
I met Dr. Margaret about four years ago. She was recommended to me by my daughter, Kathy. I was having several problems that needed attention and was making no progress with my conventional western medicine doctor. My primary issues were digestion, muscle cramping, and joint aches. Today, my digestive system works great and I take almost no pain medication.
Bill A., Fairfax, VA
More than 12 years ago, I was looking for a medical doctor who used a holistic approach to healing and I found Dr. Gennaro. I was thrilled to find her as she was completely aligned with my beliefs and I never doubted her care. She treated my daughter as well. Since she is my go-to doctor, I have recommended her to many people over time as I truly believe she can help anyone seeking healing through natural treatments. She also has inspired me to do what I do today so I will be forever grateful.
Carole Franques, Fairfax, VA -
I found Dr. Gennaro a few years ago when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Traditional medicine had failed to root out the causes of my fatigue, and I'd had enough of being a medical mystery. During my first visit with Dr. Gennaro, she suggested several factors contributing to my exhaustion – none of which had ever been suggested to me before. We got to work on correcting some imbalances, and with occasional tune-ups, I'm thrilled to report I'm a new woman! I finally feel like I'm part of a team – she and I – in maintaining my health and well-being.
Lynn A., Bethesda, MD
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